In the 1950s, Carl G. Jung coined the word synchronicity, which the Oxford American Dictionary defines as "the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection."

The numerology of names, dates, places, telephone numbers, house addresses, etc., is one way in which the synchronicity of your life can be revealed.

Example: One of our programmers discovered that his full name is a '7' and his birth date is also a '7'. This number has also popped up in many other aspects of his life, including even the serial number of his Mac laptop!

Why? Well, the 'why' is subject to much interpretation.

Q-Decode is a tool for revealing these fascinating 'hidden' little mysteries. The meaning is left for you to discover...

The History of Q-Decode

Q-Decode has been in service with professional Numerologists and Astrologers since 1987.

What started as a massive spreadsheet for Hollywood astrologer Russell Olsen, then a compiled basic program (CBASIC) running on CP/M, and a Borland Turbo BASIC version for MS-DOS, Q-Decode, is now available for all iOS devices and soon again on Mac and Windows PCs.

The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice and Men...

In July 2007, our first retail version of Q-Decode (v1.0) for Mac/Windows/Linux was showcased on the Apple website's OS X downloads section for one week.

We received over 100,000 downloads of our DEMO app (which had limitations until a license was purchased). Only 25 people bought the software license to unlock the full version!

Then, in 2010, an Astrologer from India told us that our demo software was "India's most used numerology program" ...despite the 10-character limitation and locked functions. Doh! 

Q Decode on Apple(click image to enlarge)